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18 years of public shelter tramp was accused of using the free labor

'an, illiterate car after he got lost in Xi'an, had lost contact with their families . That year,woolrich parka, the Liu family has posted missing person near Xi'an Railway Station, but no news. October 2, 2009 in the afternoon, 刘立旺 unexpectedly appeared in his hometown of Huang Pu Cun village. 18 years later,barbour france, the village has been a big change, just as he lost and an old man in the village vaguely recognized him and informed his family. "Over the years you have gone  Again how life " The problem plaguing a person. After repeated inquiries, the family learned that Liuli Wang has been living for 18 years in Xi'an called Baihuacun place, a local villager surnamed Wang took him from living in a pig Wang Wang and help, and sometimes with a tricycle delivery . "Every year two or three pigs are raised." Lost 18 years suddenly returned home, this is a feel exceptionally welcome, but Liuli Wang's relatives were not happy. Nephew Liu Dekun said, compared with the previous lost uncle lost a lot, speak nor agile, and have a disease, "bag has 3,000 yuan, Wang said the money was given." Liu's relatives believe that 18 years 刘立旺have been given shelter in his "well-wishers" to work for free,heels with red bottoms, and now he was back home sick, "shelter side should be paid to him for 18 years of labor remuneration." After negotiations, Liu and Wang disputing ordered to report to the Royal Xi'an Weiyang District Court. Whether the payment of remuneration  December 4, 2011, the case hearing, both sides argued. The case was the focus of controversy, the Royal shelter 刘立旺 worked for 18 years so he should not have to pay labor remuneration deserve  Liuli Wang's relatives said Wang shelter Liuli Wang, to help him through the storm, the family sincerely thanks. "But so many do not notice Liu, and has let him use the pig as free labor,peuterey outlet, during which he fell seriously ill in Xi'an, the disease now become a burden only to make some money back home,christian louboutin shoes, obviously inappropriate." Liu said, After Liuli Wang home inspection found suffering from liver cirrhosis, a serious condition, medical treatment has now spent on the yuan. "We are not able to afford, just feel unfair! When people can keep working with the body and sent home to die." Liu believes that belong to the employment relationship between the parties,moncler outlet, shall be paid remuneration, but also medical fees, transportation fees, totaling more than 30 million. By Mr. Wang shelter full of grievances. He said that in early 1994, he opened a tractor passing north of the city of Xi'an Ma belongings words, I saw a man wandering in the streets Liuli Wang, reflected in very poor too harsh, they put their home to settle. Since then, he lived for 18 years at home. Why did so many years did not send Liuli Wang back home  Mr. Wang explained that he had repeatedly asked 刘立旺 home where he can not read, slurred speech did not understand, did not find the card,cheap christian louboutin, so they can not determine the exact address of his home, for so many years has been to stay at home, Guanchiguanzhu. "Our family is not rich, a few years ago raised pigs, but also to help look after him, do some light work, he was sick and we will send him to the doctor." Wang said some time ago Liuli Wang's physical discomfort, to the hospital to check out intensive. After treatment, Liuli Wang suddenly asked to go home and tell their own home in Hubei Province YUNXI. He said to go home alone after Mr. Wang purchased a ticket for him,christian louboutin, and gave him the bag and put 5,abercrombie uk outlet,000, put him on the car. For relatives sued Liu, Wang "really do not understand," shelter care of him for so many years, did not ill-treat him, are acting in good faith to help people, but I never thought would be the result. "The defendant became anti-intentioned, is not too happy." Mr. Wang's agent, said the move is a rescue shelter a continuation of behavior does not belong to labor and employment relations. "Both sides do not have a written or oral agreement, no one is forcing, Liuli Wang ready to leave, he left to take the initiative and royal living together yourself to do whatever dude, how can think is the employment relationship " But Liu did not agree Royal argument. Trial lasted more than four hours, there is no court for sentencing. Lawyer advised: Personal best shelter shelter reporting departments how to treat Mr. Wang 刘立旺 18 years wandering behavior, the reporter interviewed the parties and hearing the person concerned. Reporter first and Liuli Wang spoke. Although he hemmed and hawed, some slow reaction, but basic communication is not a problem. Conversation, the reporter found 刘立旺 for so many years in Xi'an feeling life is not bad, he also took reporters to find five or six years ago, pig place. When a reporter asked him all these years why do not you go home, he said,piumini peuterey, "no money, not back." Reporters follow Liuli Wang and his relatives came to his life for 18 years Weiyang Baihuacun,louboutin, many villagers are familiar with him. A villager said Liu Liwang what time the village can not remember, but he has to be in the village for a long time, room and board at the Royal is well known. "Usually help do some pig, delivery of live, along with Wang family harmony, like a family." When a reporter asked whether the Royal 刘立旺 and labor and employment relations,spaccio moncler, the villagers said, "tell", "hard to say" . Shaanxi Yongjia letter Kui lawyer said in an interview, ordinary people long-term shelter and rescue vagrants and beggars, especially unsound mind or intelligence personnel, as long as the purpose for Charity, There is nothing wrong, but The best local police station, to report to the Bureau of Civil Affairs and other relevant departments,christian louboutin pumps, is conducive to promoting the socialist morality, but also help to protect the legitimate interests of the parties. If you purposely for commercial purposes, the use of homeless people to provide labor certainly a violation of labor law. "From folk actual situation, as long as fraud, duress or violent means they do not have, consensual living together labor, this behavior is facilitated homeless people to survive, should be affirmed." Xi'an Weiyang District Civil Affairs Bureau staff said,abercrombie, before have not met the conditions to adopt the adult homeless individuals, not to judge the appropriateness of this approach. "In the civil affairs departments are generally found after wandering beggars, to the relief stations,spaccio moncler, check-ups, providing room and board, to identify the identity of address, contact the family back. Cases like this one is special, but fortunately the two sides get along, considering to many years of friendship, the proposed negotiated deal. "Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department of Social Affairs Department official said the 2009 Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Public Security and other five ministries" to further strengthen the city streets of vagrants and beggars and homeless minors relief management Notify rescue protection work ", it is indeed there to encourage and support social organizations or individuals to provide shelter, food, clothing, and other policies to help vagrants and beggars, but still its purpose to help vagrants and beggars return to the family and society. "Individual behavior homeless shelter worthy of recognition and promotion, but the rescue work is the responsibility of the government can not refuse, there are special funds and personnel to implement. Individual long-term relief behavior there are a lot of instability, it is best to contact the government and relevant departments to obtain support in order to make these drifting away Rangers really enjoy in life protection "Exclusive articles Sina statement: This work (text, pictures, graphics and audio and video) for Sina to use, without authorization, any media, and individuals may in whole or in part.